ATS G2110E2 Iridium GPS collar

Get your animal's location data from the ATS Iridium Website



  • 825 grams total weight
  • Remotely commanded blow-off via ATS Website command
  • Long life, 2 to 4 years, typical
  • "E2" model offers Neolink radio link for fawn monitoring
  • Remotely commanded fix rate changes to one every ten minutes
  • Geo-fencing capability with SMS text alerts

Get your animal's data from anywhere you can access the web.

You can easily program the G2110E2 collar using the supplied Windows-based software. 

You can control how often fixes are collected and stored, how often data is uploaded to the ATS Iridium website (up to six per day, each holding up to 22 locations), and how often the VHF beacon will transmit (this allows you to maximize battery life).

The model G2110E2 uses the Iridium satellite to send stored location data collected by the collar’s on-board GPS receiver chipset. An integrated VHF transmitter allows you to track the animal in the field, and a collar release mechanism allows for reuse of the collar after retrieval.  The E2 model provides a radio-link with the M3930U VIT, and M4230U Fawn collar in order to monitor a doe's fawns. Additionally, you can program the collar to alert you of specified events via SMS text messages.

Location data is sent via the web to ATS’s Servers. The data is then uploaded to the ATS Iridium website according to the schedule you chose. A data file compatible with Google Earth is also included.

 You can even remotely command an "on-the-fly" change via the website to the fix rate and mortality schedule, fix duration time, and Iridium data transmission interval.

A remotely commanded collar release is accomplished by simply logging on to the website, where you can then invoke the release command to the Iridium satellite system, and thence, the collar.

A nominal monthly subscription fee, as well as a per-location fee, will be invoiced to you on a monthly basis. 

The G2110E2 is refurbishable. You may return the collar to ATS to have the batteries replaced.

ATS G2110E2 Iridium GPS collar

ATS G2110E2 Iridium GPS collar