GPS Tracking Products

W500 Wildlink Wireless GPS

ATS W500 Wildlink wireless GPS collar

ATS W500 and W510 Wireless GPS Loggers will provide you with GPS tracking wildlife with wireless communications and remote download capability. 

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G5 Iridium GPS


 A low-cost version of our popular and dependable Iridium GPS Tracking collar that includes your first year's data fees and unlimited text messaging on mortality and geo-fence events. 

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G2110E2 Iridium / GPS w/Neolink



The key difference between the E2 and the G5 is that the E2 has a refurbish-able case, and an integrated drop-off. GPS Tracking

The G5 is not reusable, it does not have the integrated drop-off, but the option timed drop-off can be ordered.

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G20 Ultralite GPS



GPS Logger starting at only 6 grams

Snap Technology / Rechargeable / Bluetooth

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