ATS G5 Iridium GPS

Get your animal's data from anywhere you can access the internet.

  • Available in 2AA, D and 2D battery configurations.
  • First year data fees included in purchase price, including unlimited SMS text alerts
  • Typical life G5-D model: 4 years @ 6 locations/day, data up-linked once every 2 days, VHF on 8 hours/day
  • 100% wireless operation provides greater reliability.
  • On-board Iridium transceiver provides 2-way communication capability for on-the-fly programming.

The model G5 uses the Iridium satellite to transmit GPS location data collected by the collar. 

An integrated VHF transmitter allows you to track the animal in the field. 

Unlimited data is charged to you at a fixed fee each year. Your first year of data is included in the purchase price. 

Neolink neonate monitoring  and geo-fencing are both available at a nominal cost.

Your collar's GPS location data is uploaded to ATS' managed Iridium website ( according to the schedule you choose. A Google Earth data file is included. 

SMS Text messages can be programmed to be sent on mortality and geo-fencing events.

The G5 collar is programmed wirelessly using the Wildlink Comm. Module and Windows-based software running on your PC. 

You can control how often fixes are collected and stored, how often data is uploaded to the ATS Iridium website (up to six uploads per day, each holding 22 locations), and how often the VHF beacon will transmit (this allows you to maximize battery life).

You can also remotely command program changes to the fix rate and mortality schedule, fix duration time, and Iridium data transmission interval, using the website.

The Iridium service is active when the collar is delivered. Once turned off is can not be turned back on. Once the annual fee is charged and the service is renewed for the year, there is no prorata refund for a part year.

ATS G5 D Iridium GPS Collar

ATS G5 D Iridium GPS Collar