VHF radio transmitters and tracking systems


ATS A2414 300mg glue-on transmitter

There are a variety of radio transmitters suited for birds, bats, and other avian species. A large range of attachment method to suit various species, with numerous battery and programming options.

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Radio transmitters for virtually any species that you might be researching. Miniature collars for the likes of rodents and small marsupials, less than 1 gram, through to the largest of collars to last well beyond 10 years. Body Implant, Rumen, and Ear and Tail Tags configurations available

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 Body implant with a coil antenna is surgically implanted into the body cavity through a small incision. Body implants also available with trailing whip antenna. Fish who might be damaged with an Implant might use an external mount transmitter with a trailing whip antenna. 

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Temple tag, Head mount, Glue-on, Back mount, and body implant options are available for Marine mammal transmitter requirements. Note; VHF radio transmitters do not transmit through salt water, antenna needs to be above surface

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A variety of wildlife tracking transmitter forms are available to match virtually any attachment requirement. Glue-on, Implant with coil antenna, or trailing whip antenna, Backpack, with numerous battery life options and transmitter code choices.

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Receivers and Antennas



A tracking receiver designed for radio telemetry should be used to pick up the transmitter’s signal. An antenna is cabled to the receiver.
Advanced receivers utilize digital signal processing techniques, or DSP. Special filters are used to digitally sample the input audio signal and digitize it, using algorithms to process the data.

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