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There is no pricing available on the website. 

Orders, especially with radio transmitters, can vary (discounts) due to the a number of reasons, such as the cost options available, and the size of the order. 

Prices may vary from time to time also in response to the USD/AUD.

Delivery times

Standard delivery lead time for VHF radio transmitters is 6 weeks, with 5-6 weeks being usual.

Standard delivery lead time for GPS/Iridium products is 8 weeks.

Delivery times are subject to workloads, and other factors may apply.

Expected delivery will be confirmed at confirmation of the order.

If you have a specific "required-by" date, please mention that at the outset.

RUSH orders are subject to availability, there is a price per item Rush Fee.

Receivers and antennas are normally available for same or next day shipping.

Transmitter storage

"I didn't use all my transmitters, can I use them next year?"

Yes, and maybe no.

Primarily, it is a matter of which battery is used in your transmitters.

If you have smaller transmitters with the 1.5V Silver Oxide battery, then we suggest that the transmitters are fitted, (a) within 90 days for the larger ones, and (b) the smaller ones (<500mg) within 30 days. 

The larger 3V+ Lithium based battery transmitters, yes they do store much better. You can expect to have most if not all of the available battery life after a reasonable storage period. Within reason, and maybe it is an idea to downgrade the expectations of battery life if they have been stored for a while.

Transmitters when stored, ensure that they have been turned OFF securely, and kept separated so that the adjacent magnet does not inadvertently turn ON the adjacent transmitter.

It is a good Idea to maybe test the transmitters for a couple of days, make sure they are still sounding strong.

Basically there is no real formula for transmitter life after having been stored for long periods.

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