ATS W500 W510 Wildlink Wireless GPS Logger

Perfect collar for cats, foxes, and other similarly sized animals requiring extended deployment.

When you need to collect your data, locate the your GPS Logger using its integrated VHF transmitter, and use the pocket-sized Wildlink W100 Remote Comm Module to wirelessly download data to your PC.

Range of up to 600 meters is possible using the optional hand-held High Range Yagi antenna.

ATS supplies you with programming software called GPSFixes. It gives you complete control over the operation of your logger, and allows you to get the maximum number of animal locations over time.

Typical Life:                      Based on 3 locations per day and VHF signal activated 8 hrs. per day
                                           using 2 ea. AA battery, 3.5 years
                                           using 1 ea. AA battery, 1.75 years

Programmability:             GPS Location Data:
                                            # of fixes to collect per 24 hr period, 15 min. increments
                                            Calendar days of the year on which to collect fixes

VHF Transmitter:              Daily on/off time by hour, minimum on-time one hour/day

Battery:                              Choose; 1 x AA. 2 x AA, C, D

Communication:               Via W100 Wildlink Comm. Module, using PC interconnect cable, USB to USB-mini.
                                             optional Yagi for greater range (up to 600 meters)

Physical:                           Glue-on electronics package:     50 x 40 x 10 mm, 65 grams using flat rechargeable battery.
                                           Collar electronics package:         25 x 25 x 57 mm, 65 grams using AA battery., 
                                                                                                     28 x 30 x 55 cm, 115 grams using two AA battery.

ATS W500 Wildlink Collar shown with 1 x AA battery

ATS W500 Wildlink Collar shown with 1 x AA battery